The Greater Woonsocket Catholic Regional School System was instituted in 1972 by the pastors of 12 Woonsocket area parishes.  The System was then composed of six schools; five (Msgr. Gadoury, Our Lady of Victories, Sacred Heart, St. Joseph and St. Ann's) were elementary schools, K-6, the sixth, located at Holy Family,was a junior high school, 7-8.


Over the years, three schools, Holy Family, St. Ann's and Sacred Heart, were closed, a Pre-Kindergarten Program was added, the 9th grade was added for 20 years then dropped, and another school, Fr. Holland, was formed.  The Woonsocket schools were clustered by grades in 1988, and then, in 1992, realigned into the school buildings most appropriate for the students' educational needs.


Fr. Holland Elementary School was added to the GWCRS System in 1993.  It was originally opened as St. Joseph Parish School in 1962 by Fr. Daniel Holland, who was pastor at St. Joseph's for many years.  In 1977, the school regionalized to include four other northwestern R.I. parishes and was re-named Northwest Catholic Regional School.  When that school closed 16 years later, the GWCRS System responded to the Diocese's request to immediately open a new school in the same building, naming it after Fr. Holland. In 2008, Father Holland was closed again by the GWCRSS.


Today, our Catholic Regional School System serves 14 parishes and includes two schools: Monsignor Gadoury Catholic Regional School (grades Pre-K-2) and Good Shepherd Catholic Regional School (grades 3-8) in Woonsocket.


Our schools now serve Catholic and non-Catholic students and their families in fifteen communities throughout northern Rhode Island and south-central Massachusetts.