August 30, 2017



Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to the Greater Woonsocket Catholic Regional School System.   As always, thank you for choosing one of our schools for the education of your child. As we begin our 45th year, it continues to be our mission to bring a strong faith-filled Catholic school education to children in the Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts area.


I would like to welcome Mrs. Allysse Connor as our new medication nurse, Mrs. Karen Dubois as our new secretary at Good Shepherd School and Ms. Maria Carmen Chase as our new Spanish teacher.  I hope they all have a successful first year with us.


As most of you are aware every year we have a fundraising campaign.  Our first fundraiser of the year is our annual Magazine Drive which will begin on September15.  Just as we did last year, we are including a Gift Catalogue along with the Magazine Drive.  I hope that you will continue to order or renew your magazine subscriptions through this important drive as well as purchase wrapping paper for the holidays or a gift or two.


As of this date, the GWCRSS was able to give out a total of more than $165,700 in financial aid through our GWCRSS scholarships, Diocesan Grants, and parish subsidies.  This is a substantial increase from the previous year and I would like to thank our member parishes and the Diocese of Providence for helping us to help our families.  


We will continue to use the Rediker Administrative Software System for teacher grade books and the parent portal where you will be able to check announcements, find forms, and check your child’s grades.


Please visit our website at www.gwcrs.org. We are hoping to begin work on a new web site soon and will keep you informed of our progress.  Upcoming dates of GWCRSS Board meetings are always posted on our website and the individual schools list upcoming calendar events.   Please like us on our GWCRS Face Book page. Our GWCRSS office manager, Mrs. Cabana, updates Face Book often with pictures and announcements so if you see a ‘post from Janice Cabana’ about our schools it is an approved entry.  Please share our posts with others which would help us in our marketing efforts.


I have been looking at the websites of other Catholic schools in our area and elsewhere for ideas for our new website and how to develop a more responsive one.  By viewing other schools through their websites I have been looking at what is important to them.  What is their story? What makes them different and successful.  


What is our story?  Why are we here?  I am entering my thirty-second year in Catholic education and I have always believed that our children come first.  We are here to serve them first and foremost. We have two excellent Catholic schools and our story starts with our students.  As stated in an article in the National Catholic Education Association Magazine, “We educate, we nurture, we heal, we love, we witness and we do make a difference.


Our Catholic identity is the most important piece of our story.  Are we Catholic enough?  Let us know ways we can improve our Catholic identity and we will strive to make the changes needed.  We will continue to evangelize, to bring the Lord to our students and their families.  Many people have told us they have returned to the church because of what the children share with them about their religious experiences at school.


This year I am asking our staffs and you our parents to partner together to help us in our success story.  To work to spread the word about our schools and to be the best Catholic school in our area. Please work with us to be the best we can be!


Thank you for the sacrifice you make each day for your children to attend a Catholic school and we at Greater Woonsocket Catholic Regional Schools will work every day to make the investment you have made worthwhile.


I look forward to talking to you at school events and hearing from you whether it is to answer a question or discuss a concern.  Please do not hesitate to call or stop by.  Please keep the lines of communication open.  I can’t handle a concern unless I am aware of it.


God Bless,


Paula A. Hurteau, M.Ed.