Mission Statements

Education in the Greater Woonsocket Catholic Regional School System is a ministry of the Roman Catholic Church. Our programs are designed to recognize the individual differences among children, provide a learning environment to respond to these differences, and foster our students' spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional formation. Through our curricular and extracurricular programs, the knowledge acquired, the skills developed, and the values accepted, all contribute towards our students’ self-esteem and their future success in academic pursuits, career goals, and life commitments.

Play with Mrs. Losardo

Lower Campus Mission Statement
The Lower Campus, as part of the teaching ministry of the Roman Catholic Church, serves the students of Greater Woonsocket by helping them learn about God and the Roman Catholic faith; do what is right and just, respect themselves and others; meet the needs of the greater community; and be the best they can be in a safe and nurturing environment.

Upper Campus Mission Statement
In our Upper Campus, we strive to follow in Jesus’ footsteps by being living examples of his love.  We respond to Jesus’ calling by putting our faith into action through our studies and after school activities.  With each others support we deepen our faith and knowledge to one day become well-rounded active members of the community.

Science with Mr. Van Orsouw