Good Shepherd Drama Club Preparing for Spring Show

Good Shepherd Drama Club preparing for March performance of Groovy
Posted on 10/27/2022
2022 Drama RehearsalOur Good Shepherd Drama Club, under the direction of Mrs. Berard, Mrs. Pelissier, Mr. Konnerth and many other parent volunteers have begun rehearsals for their March 31st performance of "Groovy"! Travis, Muriel, and Alice decide to throw a free Music, Beads, and Flowers Celebration.  A popular singing group, The Lemon Bugs, love the idea and donate their talent.  In no time, crazily-painted busses start arriving at Crumb’s Apple Farm, the site of the festival.  Everything is going nicely until Mrs. Porter, who hates ’The Love Generation,’ shows up and demands that the local police close it down.  If this wasn’t bad enough, two music promoters offer The Lemon Bugs a deal they can’t refuse if they will skip the celebration. 
Students in Grades 3-8 are having so much fun learning their lines and all of the songs!.
Save the date of March 31st to come see our performance.