Upper Campus

The Upper Campus is comprised of Grade 4 to Grade 8.  The school day for Grade 4 through Grade 8 is 8:15 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.   

The GWCRS Curriculum was written by the GWCRS faculty and staff and is reviewed annually. GWCRS was the first Catholic elementary school in the Diocese of Providence to have its own written curriculum based on national standards and high academic expectations. 

Recently, the GWCRS Science Curriculum was reviewed. The updated curriculum focuses on hands-on activities using Foss & Delta science kits and science notebooks. 
In 2017, GWCRS implemented a Technology Plan designed by the GWCRS Technology Committee and approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education. The purpose of this plan is to “transform our schools and libraries into modern, information-age learning centers, providing our students with opportunities to become technology-literate citizens." 

Grade 3 - 5 Curriculum

sci lab5Grade 3 follows a strict primary school curriculum that emphasizes instruction in reading, language arts, math, religion, science, and social studies. Classes at this grade level are self-contained. Computer education will be integrated through classroom instruction, as well as continued art, music, Spanish, and physical education classes.
Grades 4 and 5 serve as transitional grades between the primary school and the middle school. Our program emphasizes the development of study and organization skills, easing the way for students into the middle-school structure. Through collaborative learning, students learn to assimilate the information and relate this new knowledge to a framework of prior knowledge. Our content-rich curriculum is built to inspire young learners to acquire knowledge through these differentiated instructional approaches.
A remedial reading teacher is on staff to help students with reading difficulties.

Grades 6 - 8 Curriculum

mrvanTeachers at the middle school level work in grade-level teams, with a special emphasis on high academic standards, coordination of the educational program, and personal interaction between the teachers and students. These teams meet regularly to make sure they are working together for the good of all the students. Teachers instruct in their areas of expertise, covering all the major academic subjects, including religion. There are also special programs offered in computer education, art, music, Spanish, and physical education.

A new elective program, piloted in the 2018-2019 academic year, provides opportunities for students to support their development as well-rounded learners. Students can choose an elective each trimester. Past electives have included chess, sewing, photography, dance, cooking, Italian, youth group, jewelry making, playground games, LEGOs, STEAM, and Mandala Art.